#HaltHeartache Champions

#HaltHeartache is growing from strength to strength, and here’s why… 

Evans Halshaw Insta 1

One of the best things about being a Community Interest Company is that we work with people who care about social change. Whilst we might send out dozens of letters to all types of organisations on a cause we are passionate about, a response from even just one individual at their company makes all the difference. 


Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to show their customers that they are ethical and socially responsible. Whilst some people may be sceptical about the growing CSR trend in business, writing it off as mere window dressing, it’s a great way for organisations such as The Future Melting Pot to build partnerships and strive to improve the wellbeing and employability of young people.  


Key to our #HaltHeartache campaign’s growth is of course our beloved partnerships with local businesses, and the passion of particular individuals within those companies. We’re building relationships to both raise awareness of our campaign and inspire employees to get involved and make a difference through raising money towards targeted prevention programmes that will save lives on the road. 


Veolia, the environmental services company, have previously worked with The Future Melting Pot on the EmployAbility project and have also pledged to support #HaltHeartache through fundraising with a bake sale and selling our #HaltHeartache badges at their offices. Toby Terlet, General Manager for Veolia said: ‘We are proud of our partnership with The Future Melting Pot and are keen to support the #HaltHeartache campaign. Veolia is committed to delivering its Social Values and investing in our local communities through campaigns such as these.’ 


HaltHeartache cake


Evans Halshaw, a leading automotive retailer for new cars, have also joined the campaign and will host a Lightning McQueen cake raffle with employees dressed up as superheroes. Leigh Ryan, Dealer Principal at Evans Halshaw Car Store Birmingham, explained that ‘Evans Halshaw is committed to helping reduce road traffic collisions in our communities…the #HaltHeartache campaign is the perfect way for us to make our roads safer and, ultimately, save lives.’ 


We’re thrilled to have the enthusiastic support from such partners and we’re always looking out for more organisations to team up with. Whether your company is passionate about improving the opportunities for young people or marginalised communities, to improve road safety or to work with local communities, our #HaltHeartache campaign could be what you’re looking for.  


We’re open to all ideas of how to raise funds for our campaign, whether it’s selling your own delicious Bake-Off treats in the office, selling our #HaltHeartache badges to raise awareness, or pitching in your own ideas, we’re ready to hear them and contribute our own. Please get in touch at info@haltheartache.co.uk and see how you could get involved.  




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