Introducing the #HaltHeartache Team

At #HaltHeartache HQ we’re working to reduce the number and severity of road traffic collisions amongst young people in the West Midlands.


Our own research into road traffic collisions revealed some shocking statistics, including that 25% of road traffic collisions from our study involved people aged 16-24. In response, we’ve been working our socks off to launch our #HaltHeartache campaign, with the aim of raising £10,000 to build targeted prevention programmes that will influence young people’s attitudes towards dangerous driving and save lives on the road.


We’d like to introduce our passionate and talented #HaltHeartache team, to give a taste of the kind of work we get stuck into.


Fiona – Project Support and Liaisons Officer

What’s been so inspiring about #HaltHeartache and the research into road traffic collisions (RTCs) and youth unemployment that came before it is the community centric vision of the campaign. While we collected quantitative data and analysed the facts around RTCs, a large basis of the project was shaped through community listening events in which we asked local people why they thought dangerous driving and young people getting into road incidents was such an epidemic in Birmingham.

I am excited to see where #HaltHeartache will go and what the preventative programmes will look like. The goal is to utilise technology and innovation as much as possible, to be current and engage younger generations on road safety in the right way.

On a personal note, I’m always keen to learn more about digital technology so I would love to see an app being designed or an interactive website being used to educate young people on the importance of safe driving. It has also been a pleasure to work alongside several talented interns, both undergraduate and graduate level who I’m sure will go on to do amazing things after their time with The Future Melting Pot!

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Matthew – Marketing Intern

I joined The Future Melting Pot after graduating with a degree in Economics and International Development from the University of Bath. While at university, I really enjoyed volunteering as Chair of Bath RAG (Raise and Give), and it is rewarding to be volunteering again for such a great cause – our #HaltHeartache campaign.

Through volunteering for the campaign, my writing and visual design skills have gone from strength to strength – and I have developed an impressive portfolio to prove it. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the team’s hard work, which is already making an enormous difference in bringing together the local community to make the West Midlands’ roads safer.


Rachael – Marketing Intern

I joined the #HaltHeartache team after graduating with a degree in English Literature from the University of Leeds. I was looking for an opportunity that was flexible and where I could develop my skills, whilst also making a difference. The Future Melting Pot was perfect. I’ve already learned so much through drafting content and managing our social media platforms. I also love that I’m working for a campaign that unlocks young people’s potential and builds partnerships between organisations in the interests of local communities and saving lives. I always wanted to do some volunteer work at university, but never got round to it. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity now through #HaltHeartache, a campaign that represents so much hard work from many staff members and volunteers.

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The team have worked tirelessly to make #HaltHeartache a campaign that will make a difference. Please support our efforts and help us save lives on our roads. Visit our crowdfunding page when it goes live in November and please donate!


P.S. We are a passionate bunch at The Future Melting Pot, invested in improving the wellbeing and employability of young people through the #HaltHeartache campaign. If you’re also interested in joining our team, please e-mail us at with a CV and cover letter explaining why you want to get involved.


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