#HaltHeartache’s latest high-profile endorsement from the Mayor of West Midlands

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It’s safe to say that #HaltHeartache is turning a lot of heads with its commitment to preventing the tragedy of road deaths in the West Midlands. Andy Street CBE, the Mayor of West Midlands, is the latest to bestow a seal of approval on #HaltHeartache’s crucial work for young people.

‘As part of my pledge to lead a coalition against crime and enrich opportunities for young people in the West Midlands, I am endorsing #HaltHeartache – a campaign by Community Interest Company, The Future Melting Pot, to help prevent the tragedy of young people losing their lives in road traffic collisions.

With 57 people from the West Midlands dying due to road traffic collisions in 2015, and a further 917 left seriously injured, it is right that work is undertaken to try and prevent people in our communities losing their lives or suffering devastating injuries on the road.

The work of the #HaltHeartache campaign is to improve communication between our public services and build bridges with the communities they serve. #HaltHeartache aims to bring together people from all walks of life, and from all over the West Midlands, to work together to save lives on our roads.

The fact that many of the #HaltHeartache champions will be young people themselves will allow them to improve their employability, while also helping #HaltHeartache raise awareness of the dangers of reckless driving among hard-to-reach young people and communities.

I encourage people in the West Midlands to do whatever they can to support this campaign – whether it be finding out more about the campaign, or simply by raising awareness among family and friends about the devastating consequences of reckless driving.’

Andy Street and Estella Edwards
Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, with Estella Edwards, CEO of The Future Melting Pot

We couldn’t be happier to have the Mayor’s endorsement for our campaign, which will go live to raise donations towards the beginning of November.

Our partnerships and endorsements are crucial to raising awareness of our campaign. If your business or organisation is interested in championing #HaltHeartache, then please get in touch via info@haltheartache.co.uk.

Together, we can #HaltHeartache.


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